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Drivers Door Micro Switch Replacement "How-To" Part 1

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Hi all!
This STS forum has helped me figure things out and has saved me some bucks, so I want to add what I’ve learned to help others to save some bucks. It is possible that your vehicle may be different, I can’t help there. This is the way I did it with help from guys on this forum.
Thank you to all contributors.
1. Remove the door panel.

I have included a few pics to help with locating the 3 screws.

Pop out the plastic cover from behind the inside door handle and remove 1 screw.

Lift up the leather flap behind the door grab and remove 2 screws. Be careful, they can fall behind and inside the panel. (don’t ask how I know!)

You will then have to pry the panel from the door with a door panel removal tool, or use what I used, a ball joint pickle fork! (It wasn’t pretty!)

Be careful of the speaker!!! The Bose surround system speaker looks expensive!

Carefully remove the rain shield. DO NOT try to tear it away from the door… THE SHIELD WILL RIP!

Use a flexible razor knife and cut the adhesive away from the painted metal surface so that the adhesive stays with the rain shield. Don’t think that after you get it started that you can tear it off the rest of the way, IT WILL RIP. If you cut it off you will be able to re-stick it easily. And, should you need to remove it again later, guess what? Cut it off again! Don’t try to tear it off just because it was off before! IT WILL RIP! I say all of this from experience, trust me on this one, I did all of the above.
2. Test the micro switches.

Test the micro switches to find out if that is the issue. This is about replacing the switches only. You might have something else wrong with your door and you’ll end up wasting money and time.
You can disconnect the connector to the housing after you remove the connector from the door. The connector is mounted to the door with a white plastic clip.

Do not test the white and yellow wires, they are for the antenna. I don’t know how to test the antenna.
The switch wires are paired orange and blue for one switch and gray and green for the other. These switches are “Normally Open” switches, meaning that when they are not activated they will not complete a circuit.

To test you need to pull the door handle and check with a continuity tester (you might need a helper for this) or take it apart and press the buttons and check. With the switches activated you should get a completed circuit when testing orange/blue for 1 switch and gray/green for the other switch. It doesn’t matter which switch does what. The switches are a single unit, so if 1 switch is bad they both get replaced.
This will help you to decide if you should continue or check for something else.

To go to Part 2, CLICK HERE!
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im curious where you got the blue tool you used to pull the leather out on the door grab to access the 2 screws behind it ????
where did you get that blue plastic tool you used to pull out the leather behind the door grab ??? thanks
That's one of those little tools I got from a kit that's used to separate the broken case of my cell phone in order to replace it. But basically any small device with a little hook on the end will work. You can use a hooked dental pick from a drug store, that would probably work real good! Good luck!
i just used a flat head screwdriver to lift the flap... Excellent writeup btw. I just replaced the passenger side housing unit which doesnt have the lock mechanism, so it's much easier. Once i realized i was trying to assemble it with the piece backwards, it was even easier... I guessed on the size of the torque screw correctly the first time...:) I dont know what size it is. $110. and a couple hours time. Quite the savings from having the shop do it... Thanks!
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Because I live in Denmark, it's not easy for me, like you in the United States, to get the honeywell microswits that the American companies you've traded with are not willing to send them to Denmark until I find a solution , I have made an alternative solution to open my driver door, please see picture ;-)
Greatings from denmark
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