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Drivers door armrest

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Looking for a 1993 Sedan Deville armrest in good condition. Drivers door tan/natural.

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Yopu'll have to go aftrmarket for those and they only come in black. have excellent dye kits though, so you can do a perfect match for your interior.
Thanks Frost,

Do you know the name of the aftermarket supplier?

Just go to a junk yard and you might be surprised. I found all four arm rest in near mint condition for $25 plus I also took the switches as well. Can't beat that with an aftermarket stick.:thepan:
Thanks for the tip.
Now, can you tell me how to remove my old armrest and reinstall the new?

You will have to remove your door panel to get to the screws on the back.

To do this first take your switches out, use a flat tip screwdriver and through the back end slide your screwdriver in to unhook the switch panel. Next losen the screws on the switches and remove the center one. Once the switches pop out place the center screw back so you will not lose. Then unplus the sideview mirror and set aside the switches.

Next remove the red and white light from the panel. Once your done with that you have 5 large cross tip screw to remove. Three are located through the switch opening and 1 each through the light openings.

After that all you need is to pop the panel from the door by using a large flat tip and stricking it between the panel and the door. Softly slide the driver until you hit the plastic holder then just pull apart from the door. Repeat process all around the door.

Once the door panel is off turn around and you have several hex screws holding the armrest undo those and replace in reverse order.

Hope this helps
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Oh sorry I was going off of a 90 Deville so it might be a bit different on yours.
Oh sorry I was going off of a 90 Deville so it might be a bit different on yours.
Though its a bit old topic I will say this works on 93 aswell, wish I had seen it before i took mine off lol. My door panel is off to repair my side view mirror and I am contemplating how to fix my cracked armrest while I have it off.

ONe word of warning, when popping the panel off with a screw driver make sure you pull the "clips" out of the door and not out of the door panel cardboard. Since the cardboard is old it is easy to accidentally pull the clip out of it.
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