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Driver-side DRL Dimmer than passenger side.

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Just happened. The driver-side lower daytime running LED doesn't brighten up like the passenger side. Any advice? It usually brightens up equal to the passenger side after driving for just a bit. Happens day or night. I looked in posting history and one guy thinks there may be a loose wire which is responsible for the dim vs. bright lower DRL.

2013 2.0T
Sport-performance/cold package.
Auto trans.
83,300 miles.

Maybe I'll post a photo if anyone thinks it might help.
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Have you inspected the wiring, checked your grounds, etc? Might need to use a volt meter and see if the wires are carrying the correct voltage. I think there are three separate LED's in the lower housing and it seems unlikely to me that all three would go bad at the same time, must be something that controls all of them that's acting up.
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^That's interesting, didn't think about the light sensor. But wouldn't that send the same signal to both sides? Not sure, that's newfangled technology to me haha.

I freakin hate salt, wish my city would experiment with beat juice and other alternatives like some other states are doing. Even for a dusting of snow Ohio salts the crap out of the roads, simply ridiculous and not necessary. Only thing I can think of is they must be afraid people would sue or something if an accident occurred. Makes me sick, and my second car needs new hub bearings so I've had to drive my ATS this winter, usually it's stored away.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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