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Driver Shift Control - Delayed?

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Seems like when I use the DSC feature the car is slow to shift. Both up and down shifting. Anyone else feel the same? I'm not sure if its normal or not.
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How many miles do you have on your ride? My 2007 took about 2K before she learned how I liked her to shift. It's just a matter of breaking the car in. Mine feels very responsive. It's only slow to down shift sometimes which is due to me wanting to slam the car when the computer doesn't want it to be slammed. Remember it's not a true manual.
hummmm... only 1,800 on her.... but i dont know... just seems like when i shift it takes like a full second and a half or more to actually shift. i guess since all the computer mumbo jumbo.
Mine is the same way. got her at 14k, now has 28k. No change, still delayed. Like Wrestler said, not true manual. Completely different.
a lot of it is just learning the pedal positions with a new car and it's a slap stick when you're driving it as such. Honestly I don't see the reason to have the slap stick. If I wanted to shift I would have bought a manual. I like my car much more knowing where I need to put the pedal to get the desired down shift.

A couple of times I've been on the HWY and I'll throw on the slap stick. I'll shift from 4th into 5th and the car just stays at the same RPMs with cruise control. The computer completely overrides the driver.
I have hit the rev limiter several times because of the delay when using the DSC. I think the DSC was an afterthought (Cadillac is just trying to keep up with the competition until the new CTS comes out) and the transmission was never really designed to be driven with a DSC. I drove an Infiniti G35 with the DSC and the G35 shifted immediately. I know I should have bought a manual transmission, but I have a wife, so this car is a compromise of what I want and what she wants, but if Cadillac wants to keep drivers like me, they need to make a product that is better (not just keeping up) than their competition. I am not expecting that and have quit using my GM card. Needless to say, after a year with my CTS, I am a bit disappointed.
If you really want to feel the shifting you should get a V IMO.
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