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I searched and searched. I know the name of the game.

Friend's base '09 CTS4 3.0, no nav, no sunroof, no RKE. Had the car since brand new.

On the driver's side, if you turn on the heated seat, the heated seat logo does come on in the little lcd window, but no heat, back or bottom. After about 2 minutes the heated seat logo turns off.

Passenger side works.

What needs to be replaced and is there a how-to anywhere. Or can someone briefly describe what they know about what replacement part(s) are needed and how to repair? I imagine taking the seat out has something to do with it.

While on the topic of the little lcd window, there is a spot on it that is always lit up. Looks like it has some damage to it. What would replacing the passenger side lcd window involve? What would have to be replaced?

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