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Should I get the drag radials?

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  • No, get something else.

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Drag radials or not

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I currently have Eagle F1 All Seasons at the corners. I want something a little stickier for the Summer but don't wish to buy 4 brand new tires. The current setup is less than 6 months old. I like the Mickey Thompson ET Street ll. For $500 I can have a sweet pair of drag radials out back.

No, I haven't taken my V to the track. Although my friends have been bugging me too. I usually go as a spectator. I just like the way drag radials look. I think they'll give my V that "don't F### with me or I'll tro you a beat'n" look. :thumbsup:

Am I nuts, or should I just look at another tire?

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Maybe on a comaro, not a Caddy. That's my opinion.
This is fact. If your friends are bugging you to hit the track now, they'll really hound you if you get them. Drag radials, track and our weak diff = dealer visit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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