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2004 CTS-V 457ci LS7
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Hey guys... I just purchased a heavily modified 04 CTS-V with an LS7 engine swap (if you're a regular on these boards then you probably know the V)

I live in Atlanta and am going to the drag strip down in Reynolds, GA on the 24th and would like to decimate... well, pretty much everyone else.

I think with drag radials I could consistently do mid/high 11 [email protected] mph.

The problem is, I don't actually HAVE drag radials yet. I'm trying to get a pair of stock wheels and some 265/40/18 Mickey Thompsons by the end of next week but it might be a stretch to get them here in time.

So, if anyone out there has a set I can loan or rent for the day it would be greatly appreciated. OR, if anyone has 2 extra stock wheels or 2 extra wheels period that I could fit on the rears that I could buy please let me know.


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