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1997 Seville STS, Black
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All of my older cars id stick a hose in the upper radiator opening and let it run full blast with the engine running and heater wide open. It would flush the radiator, engine, heater and everything else along the line. But the Caddy wasnt that simple. I had to flush the radiator seperate from the block and it almost seems like it only flushed half of the block because all the water was pouring out of the lower hose inlet on the water pump. And when I stuck the water hose in the upper hose outlet it still came pouring out the lower hose outlet. Im not sure how much of the engine actualy got flushed when I did it. So I kinda wonder whats the proper way to flush the N*?
I gotta replace the alternator soon (sometimes only charges at 12.5V when hot) And that requires removal of the radiator so I figure ill flush the cooling system again then.

(sorry to steal the thread, but the manual I have doesnt help much)
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