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Here's one for yall. I plan on flushing my cooling system soon. I have a '99 Eldo, with 48K on the odo. The coolant looks good at this point and not showing any signs of problems other that it is past the 5 year replace schedule.
My plan is to double flush it. I have purchased two gallons of Dexcool and four tubes of Bars Gold as supplement. My thought here is to get as much of the exisiting coolant out seeing as how there are no block drains and I don't want to disturb any of the heater system stuff. That normally requires a back flush, which I'm trying to avoid.
So, one week, I'll drain and refill with 50/50 Dex and distilled water with two tubes of supplement. Run it for a week, with heater sometimes also to exchange coolant in that circuit. The next week I'll perform the same procedure. As I read it, all I'll get out of it will be less that the two gallons I've mixed but more than one gallon total resulting from the drain only. I've done this on my '86 Olds several times and the results are always great. Seems as though all the components stay cleaner and here in Phx., Az., I have never had an overheating problem.
So, the question is, is this overkill with the N*? I should be good for another 100K or so if all is true to manual recommendations, right?
Well, thanks in advance for all that chime in on this!
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