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Door Map Pockets for a '95

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Had a girl in my '95 ask me why, for such a nice roomy car, there were no map pockets in the huge doors, or on the front of the seats.

I did a Jackie Gleason, "haminah haminah" .... She got me.

What were these guys thinking? Has anyone easily added these to your cars?

Just curious.
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Good question, and actually something I never thought about until now. Both our Suburban and our Roadmaster has them on the front doors, and both the Suburban and the Fleetwood then have pockets on the back of the seats.

It does make me wonder, though, why the FW doesn't have any except for the seat back ones. Then again, they probably figured those would be enough, since they are rather large--but the glove box is one of the tiniest I've EVER seen. I actually think the one in our Roadmaster is about 5x as large inside.
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