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Door lock question - 2014 CTS

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If I park my car, shut it off, get out and walk away without locking there an "Auto Lock" setting?
(whereas the car will lock itself after a short amount of time).
If so, how do I engage this feature?
Thank you!
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There is. It is thru the CUE vehicle screen.
Go to Setting, go to Vehicle, go to Remote Lock, go to On, or On with Chirp. I use On because I don't like horn sounding when it locks. In the On position the running lights flash a few seconds after you close your car door, letting you know it is locked.
Thank you very much! Will it still auto-lock if I accidentally leave my fob inside the car?
NO. It will beep but it will not lock. Fire your salesperson.
Setup Keyless locking/unlocking - works within proximity to car. Horn will bleep 3 times if you leave remote in car.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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