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Door etc. chime

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Hi, I am new to the site!
The door, tailgate open etc. sound level has two settings, normal and loud, on mine however they are "very loud" and deafening!
Can I change this?
Also if I pick up something long and have to leave the tailgate open, it chimes at me frequently: is there a way of shutting this off, pulling off a wire somewhere, or otherwise defeating it? Or a fuse/ extra input to the speaker or soundmaker device? Seems to emit the sound from the drivers speaker unless there is another sound device nearby under the dash?

If this has been answered before, kindly direct me to where. I didn't find it in a search.
07 SRX v8
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The sounds are generated by the radio on orders from the body module and played through the driver door speaker, so you are pretty much out of luck for what you want. On the long items however, if you manually close the liftgate latch you won't get the chimes. Just be sure to open the latch by pulling the handle before you close the liftgate.
Thank you for the reply, will do the latch thing.
I believe on your model there is a setting (loud or normal) in the Menu for chime to it going off with the hatch open, I don't believe you can turn that off...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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