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Don't do this

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Believe it or not this owner had some light scratches on his rear bumper so he decided that 400 grit sand paper and steel wool would clean it up nicely for him, NOT!!!! You can see the damage he did to his car. This is why my detailing classes are so popular, people are clueless on how to take proper care of their car. I did manage to bring some life back to it with the folllowing steps.
High speed rotary/yellow pad 1800RPM's heavy compound
High speed green pad 1400RPM's medium compound
DA Dewalt443 green pad light cleaner
DAPC tan pad polish
DAPC tan pad my paint cleaner
paint seal by hand
As you can see you have to start off with more aggressive product, then work your way down, till you find out where you are improving the finish. Most of the clear coat is gone here because of what he did.

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