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After 10 years and the purchase of 3 Cadillacs ($150,000) - I am so done with Cadillac. Never again. It may seem like I have come here to bash Cadillac and Tasca GMC. But that’s only because they gave me reason to do so. I’m just a customer with a bad experience. And I want others to know. Know before you buy, what you are getting into. Because, if I had this knowledge, I would have spent the last 15 years driving a BMW. I truly want to love American Luxury. Unfortunately it has left a very bitter, and expensive taste In my mouth. I will share a lot of information here. I’m done with Cadillac. Hopefully my expensive mistakes will help someone out there.

My very first Cadillac was a pearl white 2010 SRX. Overall, I really liked the vehicle. But there was one major defect. The engine.There seemed to be a small lag from when you hit the gas, to when the transmission kicked in. This was actually very scary merging into highway traffic where every millisecond counts. I thought there was something wrong with my transmission. Then google showed me that this problem was wide spread for this model. The lag in the transmission when accelerating. A defective engine. What was Cadillac’s responsibly to the owners of 2010 to 2012 SRX’s? Nothing. They fixed the problem in 2013 with the right size engine for the weight of the SRX. Cadillac takes no responsibility. Their solution: buy a new one

The lag in the engine bothered me so much that I did just that. I fell for the bait and switch. And I traded mg 201O for a brand new black 2013 SRX.

I will admit, that I put a lot of miles on the 2013 SRX. I had to travel for work every day. With that, I was 3,000 miles out of warranty and my CUE screen died.Touching it does nothing. Can’t use maps or anything. Trying to understand what was wrong with it. Google exposes another Cadillac Coverup: the CUE screens in 2013 models had a defect problem. The screens came from China and had a known defect in that the touch mode would stop working. Thousands and Thousands of complaints online. I called Cadillac. Yes my car was 3k miles out of warranty. The cue replacement was over $2,000 !! And although I’m out of warranty ... this is a known defect. And I’m only 3k miles out of warranty. My car was only 2 years old. when I called Cadillac to ask for help on the repair: They told me they are aware of the defect. But I’m out of my warranty. So they would not assist.

And now here is where things get UGLY

In 2018, I purchased a 2013 Escalade. It had 43,0000 miles. I paid $42,000. I live in upstate NY. This vehicle was at Tasca GMC in Woonsocket RI, which is 3 hours away from me. Being used,Tasca GMC would only offer a 30 day warranty. This, in itself, should be illegal. 30 day warranty on a $42,000 vehicle. But, I trusted that it was a GM dealer. And it’s a Cadillac. Spending $42,000 - I should have peace of mind. And in all honesty, 30 days would have helped. If only Tasca GMC played fair. But what they did next ... should put the owner in jail !! And, I’m working on that part.

Within 4 days, I took it in to my local Cadillac dealership for a state inspection. It was just inspected in RI days before sale (remember that fact. It’s one of the reason the owner should go to jail... same way the owner of the Limo company that crashes killing 20 people, should go to jail). But I need NYS inspection. When I bring it in, my service guy, Bill (whom I’ve worked with for years and I have a customer relationship with)told me that my steering pump was leaking all over. And all 4 rotors were complete rusted out. Won’t pass inspection.

I pay out of pocket to fix the pump because I need the car to pass inspection. But it’s still under warranty right ? I assume that won’t have a problem getting reimbursed ... I bought it from GM dealer. I’m fixing it at GM dealer. And it’s warranty.

I did not have the rotors done that same day. As it would take too long. I would come back to do that. But, in the meantime... the rotors were soooo rusted out that the calipers cut into the break line, and I lost my rear brakes on the highway! I had to be towed to my local Cadillac dealership and had to have all new rotors and calipers for several thousand dollars. Okay, but it’s under warranty right ?

I contact Tasca GMC in Woonsocket and tell them about my issues, Expecting a hassle free “yes. We will certainly cover those problems. It’s under warranty and we stand behind the vehicles we sell”. But here is what Tasca Management told me: No deal! They told me that my local dealership was lying! That my dealership was mad because I did not but the Escalade from them. And this was their way to make money off of me. (Side note: why did Tasca throw me this completely ridiculous conspiracy theory? Because that’s the way Tasca would behave. And they assume everyone is as crooked as themselves). Tasca told me that the rotors were fine (mind you my breaks went out on the highway). And I would need to put the old rotors back on the Escalade and drive it 3 hours (with no rear brakes) back to RI, and they would inspect it and decide if they were bad and would be covered. Obviously I can’t do that and they know that.

Here is a very critical point that I want to make and is why I feel what Tasca is doing is not only wrong but illegal and deadly. And they need to be held accountable: Tasca GMC in Woonsocket passed the Escalade inspection just days Before I picked it up. During that inspection they placed new brake pads on all 4 rotors. Why do you think they did that? They did it to buy time until I’m out of warranty! There is absolutely no freakn way that a mechanic puts brand new pads on rusted out dangerous rotors. This was 100% to avoid the cost of replacing all the rotors. And this is why my breaks went out, the rusted rotors tore through those pads fast. This could have killed me. Or what if I killed someone else? What if I had my niece in the car? Putting new pads on dangerous rusted out rotors, in the hope that I won’t find the rotor problem before 30 day warranty expires. Making it my cost instead of theirs. Shame on you! There is a prison cell calling your name. and on that front I will be relentless. I promise.

The fact that they won’t cover the rotor cost, unless I have the old rotors and drive it back to RI shows that they are cheap. And want to avoid covering the cost of repairs by lying and cheating and putting you in danger. Jail time !!

Then there was the tired. On condition of me purchasing, I requested that it had decent tires. I don’t want to spend $42,000 on a vehicle and then have to spend $1,200 on tires. Management agreed.

Being cheap and greedy, they put 4 mismatched tires on the Escalade. All different tread wear. And three of them leaking so bad I had to fill them with air twice a week (until I replaced them). There we’re literally chunks missing out of each tire, as if Cookie Monster took a bite out. This, on my $42,000 Cadillac Escalade. This is how much pride Tasca has in their sales. Zero!!! It’s all about taking advantage of you as much as possible and having no respect for even the safety and your life in the vehicle.

and that’s not enough. The story goes on. About a month ago, I was driving on the highway and my rear end sway and bounce right out of my lane. It was scary! I take it in to my local dealer. And the news is devastating. Rear shocks are rusted out and dead. Rear shock compressor dead. Front shocks rusted out and leaking. Soon to be dead. Repairs are $3,600.

I swear this was a flood vehicle and Tasca didn’t disclose it. They are so dishonest ... why would I expect anything other than deceit. There are so many rust problems and I notice a dank musty old wet towel smell on hot days. They sold me a flood car.

Now let’s get into the headlights. About 6 months into having the Escalade my headlight went out. Assembly was full of condensation. $1,300 to replace. What causes condensation in a headlight assembly? A defective seal. My local service guy (whom I respect) was able to refurbish the headlight for $250. Okay.

Then the other headlight goes out. Guess why? Yep. Defective seal and water condensation. This one can’t be refurbished. $1,400

i began to research online and what I found out is that Cadillac has had ongoing problems with headlights for years! Contracting a company in China to make them cheap as possible. But the manufacturer won’t offer any assist. And although Cadillac is well aware of the problem and the thousands of complaints .. and many years ..they do nothing. Cadillacs answer to the bad engine in the SRX: you buy a new one. Cadillacs answer to the known Cue touch screen issue (again made cheap in China. Knowing it is defective and admitting that year model had defect problems); you pay for a new one. Cadillacs answer to their usage of cheap headlights made in China with bad seals? They know it’s a problem. But they want you to shell out $1,300 each time. That’s Cadillac style Cadillac appears to believe that if you can afford their brand ... you won’t care about the other costs. They are wrong Especially in the current economy.

Now, I don’t live in dream land. You buy used. You take risks. Taking a risk is very different than being taken advantage of. Or take to the cleaners. 30 days on a $42,000 purchase is a joke. But then, when they pull stunts and don’t even make good on the 30 days.

i don think anyone buys a used vehicle for $42,000, with this assumption that they will be hanged out to dry for over $10,000 in repairs in less than 2 years. There is nothing anyone can say to convince me of that.

So, why did I take an hour of my time and post all of this here? Many reasons. It’s not here for Cadillac to read. I’ve already called them. Because they truly value my $150,000 in car purchases, and they want me I keep me as a lif long Cadillac customer, they offered me: $100 on the almost $4,000 shocks problem. And a whopping 10% off the light assembly ($1,300). Out of over $10,000 of repairs in less than two years, they felt it was my responsibility for over $9,700. And they offer me a total $230. See how this works? Somehow, I am to blame for this Lemon from Tusca GMC. Somehow it’s all me. My fault that Tasca illegally put an inspection sticker on the car. It’s my fault the rusted rotors gave out. It’s my fault that Cadillac buys defective products from China. It’s my fault. I hold the bag.

my point is - this is how Cadillac thinks. i am posting this here, and anywhere I can find that’s relevant. If I can stop just one person from buying a Cadillac. If I can convince just one person to stop. Pick another luxury brand ... do it. I too, wanted to buy American. But remember where CUE and lights are made? China. My friend has a BMW. Always gave me a hard time about Cadillac... and now I don’t even want to tell him about all the issues. It’s embarrassing.

the other reason I am posting this is the small hope that anyone who is thinking about buying from Tasca. Learn from my mistakes. If a company is willing to throw an inspection sticker on a dangerous vehicle ... just to save money on covering repairs: what else are they willing to do. Certainly... reconsider buying used from them. And I would not ever trust their service center [email protected] flows downward. If management is corrupt. You can bet .....

what’s next for me ? I ordered an after market headlight kit for $400 online. Will I stalk myself. Cadillac offered 10% off $1,300. So, $130 Off. If you think I’m giving Cadillac $1,170 for a bad seal light again? Lol. The Cadillac rep told me “yes but if you get it done by Cadillac we will offer 2 year warranty on it”. Hahah. Yeah? I’m done with Cadillacs “warranties” of magic. And Btw, headlight depot offers a million mile warranty on headlights. My advice to Cadillac? Start buying headlights from depot. Cheaper and better warranty.

oh, I also read that there is a class action lawsuit about the faulty seal on some of the Cadillac headlights. It’s a wide spread problem. What’s sad is that it takes a lawsuit to force their hand to do the right thing. That’s not my luxury car brand anymore.

as for Tasca? I’m coming. What you did was wrong and could have killed someone. It’s wrong and immoral. And the fact that you made me pay thousands of dollars to fix the problem you illegally coverer up? It was wrong. And since even Cadillac won’t correct you, they are complicit.

placing an inspection on a car with rusted out rotors (but secretly putting new pads on all the rotors to buy you time out of the 30 day warranty window). It’s sick. And right now it’s a political hot button. We had a limo kill 20 people a while back. Because the owner passed a vehicle with brake issues. Politicians are on this like white on glue. And so I will reach out to both NYS and RI attorney generals and share my story, as well as local politicians to try to open an investigation. I will continue to post this as often and as many places as I can.

Tasca made its choices. Cadillac made its choices. Somehow, me, the consumer gets let you blame and hold the bag.

all I ask is that you read. understand whom you are buying from. And who they value more? You the customer? Or the bank.

good luck to evergone. There are some awesome peeps on this forum and I have gained so much valuable information. And I have appreciated all of it. I guess, I’ll have to find a bmw forum. I hear Germans make good things. Haha.

lastly, I apologize if my post is loaded with typos. I did all of this on my phone. Took quite a while. I was dedicated :)

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Sorry to hear of your headlight problems especially. I too have a 12' SRX that had those same problematic leaky seal headlights. The dealer REFUSED to replace the one bad one while it was under warranty even. It was a shame that i let it go as long as i did (another 5 years) till i finally replaced it last fall. Yep, they knew of the problems and a lawsuit in several states told them so and even under warranty they still didn't want to replace them due to the cost (speculation on my part but probably true).

Steve - BTW. All manufacturers have their troubles. And there are examples of models that continue with problems even out of the warranty periods like yours.

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That’s the thing! I don’t expect perfection. What I do expect, is that the manufacturers stand behind their products and do what’s right. You know there is a problem. Fix it. A defect should never ever be placed on the burden of the buyer. The last thing I want to do is invest $40,000 + And then be held responsible for manufacturing defects ?

I appreciate your concern and for sharing your issue as well. It’s important.

Yes. Other luxury brands will have issues. But, I’m willing to bet they might be handled more appropriately. $10,000+ in repairs in less than 2 years and covering up problems. I’m moving on.

Years ago, I had a Hyundai Tiburon. Owned it for 8 years and 87,000 miles. Was covered by 100k mile warranty. But I never once needed it. Apples to oranges, I know. But proof of concept is real.

Sorry to hear of your headlight problems especially. I too have a 12' SRX that had those same problematic leaky seal headlights. The dealer REFUSED to replace the one bad one while it was under warranty even. It was a shame that i let it go as long as i did (another 5 years) till i finally replaced it last fall. Yep, they knew of the problems and a lawsuit in several states told them so and even under warranty they still didn't want to replace them due to the cost (speculation on my part but probably true).

Steve - BTW. All manufacturers have their troubles. And there are examples of models that continue with problems even out of the warranty periods like yours.
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