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2004 3.6 auto
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A couple weeks back I tore off part of the rubber air dam that hangs down beneath the from the front bumper. My lovely bank has those temporary concrete curbs that are held in place by a piece of rebar that is banged through each end and into the asphault driveway. The rebar was sticking up a couple inches and I didn't see it, so when I backed up I tore off part of the air dam.

Anyhow, this weekend I removed the rest of the rubber air dam and did some extra securing of the plastic bumper with a couple screws and washers of my own.

I really like how much cleaner it looks and how it does not droop because of my additional screws.

So, does anyone know if I will lose gas mileage or any other ill effects by not having the rubber air dam on there?

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