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Does the 3rd row seat need lubed?

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Just noticed my 3rd row seat sometimes will not raise unless I lift it a bit to get it started. I'm wondering if there is anything that needs lubed? Battery seems fine.
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I would take it to my local Cadillac dealer, however, bring that it is out of warranty, I will probably take it to the GM dealer that I purchased it from. They gave me a 30 day warranty, as well as a 10 year, 100,000 powertrain warranty. I was just hoping it was something I could do myself.
Excellent advice! I lubed what I could see, and saw the cables, just had no clue how to get them out to lube them. Any ideas?

Thanks for the info, and the picture. I'll lube the cables on mine, and hopefully that will fix the issue. It's funny though, that once I get the seat raised, I can then raise and lower it without any problems. The other day, I lubed all the pivot points I could see, and it was working very smooth. But the next day, it wouldn't raise at all without help. I may end up pulling the seat out, and going over everything.

Ok, I'm gonna try and work on this today. I did give them a quick look the other day, and could not see how to disconnect the cables. I see where they go into the gearbox on the ends of the rails, but didn't see any screws there. I thought maybe if I could remove the bottom seat cushion, I'd have better access.
I may have fixed it, time will tell. I could not figure out how to unscrew the cables at the rail end. I ended up removing the three bolts from the back seat, and tilting the seat up for access. From there I was able to unscrew the cables from the motor, and the cables themselves were gunked up pretty bad. I cleaned/lubed them, and the seat is a lot quieter now. I believe that the cables only control the seat sliding forward, and do not actually lift the seat. There is a 2nd motor that drives gears on either side that probably raises the seat. I lube those as best I could. Got my fingers crossed! Here is a pic of the cables going to the motor.


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