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Does the 3rd row seat need lubed?

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Just noticed my 3rd row seat sometimes will not raise unless I lift it a bit to get it started. I'm wondering if there is anything that needs lubed? Battery seems fine.
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I had a chattering sound from mine.The 3rd row seat is moved by 2 cables from the L and R rails to the motor which is in the center of the 3rd row seat.
The lube dries out over time and the cable makes noise or gets stuck, so I took the cables out "very easy" cleaned them and used a syringe with bicycle cable lube and injected the lube into the cable case which in turn forced all the old dry lube out and then I lubed the cables put everything back together and the 3rd row seat works perfect. took about a 1/2 hour to fix. Good Luck
Hi Jive, the cables are held in by a little screw I believe, one on each end. I did not have to take out the electric motor if I remember right. Once the cables are out they slide out easily. I did this about 2 years ago and do not remember exactly how they are held in but it is not difficult by any means. And the seat still works great. I think it is a lot easier if you unhook the seat cushion for access not 100% sure though I will check mine if you have problems. Good Luck

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Those cables go from the electric motor to the little gear box on the outer rail on both sides and mine was also stuck and then when it would finally move, it sounded like a sick moose call from the dry lube in the cables . I believe the problem comes from minimal use of the 3rd row seat and the cables get dry and corroded and get seized and then we have our problems but once its lubed up its fine. I do not think it is a motor issue, it is the motor under strain from not being able to turn the dry cables which move the seat. you should not have to remove the seat as I did not to lube the cables and solve the problem. I forgot to mention just make sure the seat is raised if you can. I hope you can see how easy it is to fix because once you see it you will go, that's all there was to fix this. Good Luck
Hi Jive, glad to see you got to those cables. From your pictures that is what I remember the setup looks like, and like I said before I did mine 2 yrs ago and still works like new so you will not have to worry about it for sometime or maybe never. Great Job, Hope this solves your problem.
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