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Does EagleOne Still Sell A-to-Z Wheel Cleaner?

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It's in an orange spray bottle. Haven't seen it in some time. I also haven't seen Meguiar's High Endurance tire gloss (purple jelly). Where are my two favorite wheel products!? :bomb:

btw: checked kmart and walmart only.
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I betcha Google would find out for you real quick.
I searched google before posting here. I think Eagle renamed their A-Z wheel cleaner "All Wheel & Tire Cleaner"...can anyone confirm? Also, I'd still like to see if anyone has seen the two mentioned products on store shelves.
In some of the car shows I've been in I saw something unusual used to clean tires. Some like the original raw rubber look..not the shiney stuff. They cleaned their tires with laquer thinner. I can ruin paint so be careful if you experiment.
I use the shieny stuff but wipe most of it off.

I never saw your product though. If Google couldn't find it it's probably history.
You ever use the Google image search? Think up the nastiest thing you can and it will find a picture of it!!:eek:
I use the eagle one all wheel and tire cleaner. I think I remember the stuff you're talking about in the orange bottle. Maybe this is the new stuff?
Re: Does Eagle One Still Sell A-to-Z Wheel Cleaner?

I worked for a rep agency in the eighties that represented Eagle One. Great company and products. I continuted to be a loyal customer for 20 years. 3 years ago or so Valvoline bought them. Valvoline has steadily discontinued their specialty products in favor of the high volume chain store items. Gone are the Aerosol Carnuba Spray Wax, Satin Finish Concours Tire Dressing, Tire Cleaner. I bought cases of the gallon sizes when they did this.The A to Z Wheel Cleaner has been replaced by the Wheel & Tire Cleaner. IMO,it doesn't work as well as the 2 products it replaces. Also Valvoline has now commited the ultimate sin (IMO) they have replaced the traditional black graphics with silver bottle and blue labels.
You can still buy some of the old products in their Profesional Detailer line, here is one of their dealers

BTW, They still make the best quick detailer, Wet Wipe & Shine. Hopefully Valvoline won't kill this too.
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