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Does anyone still have a UUC flywheel?

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I know it sounds bad... the LS7 clutch was a great cost effective/inventive idea... but I am not putting down more than ~450hp at the flywheel... and although I HATED the dual mass flywheel... I miss the CTS-V clutch. The pedal engagement is all over the place with this slave.. I have had one blow out on me... and many other he

Right now I am thinking I will go back to the CTS-V clutch if I can delete the stupid dual mass flywheel.... which really only leaves me the UUC flywheel.

Anyone have one... they want to sell me? :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:
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Thanks! Nice to hear from you again... I hope all is well on the east side of Michigan!


shoot rangerrob has chosen not to receive PMs... so I can't send him one without an admin!!!! where is urbanski when you need him eh? :)
thanks darkman... no one has offered one up yet... so I might also try to check with them.... I appreciate it.
Well I talked to Matt at Fidanza... sure enough... Darkman was right. They did make them for UUC... back in the day they were 420 bucks... but Matt wasn't sure how many were produced to get that price point.. the more they make.. .the cheaper they are...

So he said if I wanted to round up 6 to 8 or more people that wanted them... he might be able to put them in the production run again....

Luke? Where is that guy at???? :)

So not like this is a group buy or anything... but it IS possible to get these again... if a half dozen of us want em... I know I'd take 1.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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