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Well, do you?

'The STS-V sucks'
'The northstar is a piece of crap'
'OMG this Hyundai is AWESOME'
'GM can't make a decent car'
'OMG this Honda is AWESOME'
'GM is gonna die and Toyota is gonna pick over the carcass'

That's what I'm hearing from you all.

Do any of you actually give a shit about Cadillacs? When I showed up in 03, people here did. What the hell happened?

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1995 ETC, 75 Deville, Cad500 powered 73 Apollo, 94 Mark VIII
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danbuc said:
You didn't here any of that shit from me, I'll tell you that much. Whoever said the STS-V sucks should be banned. They just started production and people here are already bad mouthing it...WTF. Show me this thread where it is mentioned so I can spout hostile remarks at this person! I demand justice.
Last time I checked, that got you promoted to MODERATOR of the STS-V section rather than banned, how's that for justice?

As for the thread this is mentioned... check every thread in the STS-V section that has play or any CTS-V guy save Vrocks.

ewill3rd said:
As for members coming here to bash Cadillacs and GM cars, who cares?
What kind of retard is going to spend money on a car and then come here to confess to the world how stupid they think they are? I mean THEY bought the car and THEY are the ones complaining about it. An intelligent person would sell the car, buy what they want and go to that forum and talk about how much they love their non-GM car. Wouldn't they?
They don't own Cadillacs, that would be 'beneith them' in their minds.

Spittin Game said:
And being brand loyal is stupid, unless Caddilac is paying you to use their cars then theirs no reason you cant like or support a different maker.
I don't care too much about Brand loyalty. I almost bought a Grand Marquis, Mark VIII, Caprice, and other non-Cadillacs before I found my ETC.
It's deliberate hating/bashing of Cadillac that has me pissed. Call it anti-brand loyalty.
HotRodSaint said:
Hehe, sorry I've been waiting to use that!!
Sal Collaziano wouldn't be too happy with you.
So you hate the vast majority of Cadillacs made. You've been a major part of if you haven't been the creator of a giant war that split the forum and caused everyone involved undue stress. And you're still here.
Stick to your RWD section, don't come out, don't bash the Cadillacs you don't like, and don't start more wars.
powerglide said:
All I want to know is, why is the word shit not being sensored???
Because there are no 3 year olds on this site who might have easily offended parents?
ben72227 said:
Oh, and I guess now is just as good a time as any to let the cat out of the bag - (this is particularly for Randy and Nightwolf). The whole thing about me hating GM was...well...a ruse. A very nice practical joke if you will - that was WAY TOO EASY to pull off. I mean, here I am, owner of one of the most infamous Cadillac's ever, AND I run the Cadillac History section...yet somehow you guys actually took it hook, line, and sinker that I was a Jap fanboi...HA HA HA:sneaky::lildevil:
I~LUV~Caddys8792 was one of the few people that figured it out, but he promised to keep it on the d-low:sneaky:...HA HA HA:lildevil: You old guys - so gullible...I never in a million years thought someone would get so pissed as to start a topic on it...LOL:highfive:
I just thought you were a frickin weirdo. A guy who drives a Cadillac, calls his car a POS, does the cadillac history thing, bashes every domestic at every opportunity. There was a point a couple months ago when I decided you were too much of a freak and tried to ignore everything you said.
That said, I didn't make this topic about you. One person on here solely for the purpose of bashing Cadillac isn't a big deal, back when I really enjoyed coming here we had a troll every now and then, been there & done that.
The big deal is when many regular members and mods for that matter are bashing Cadillac. And quite frankly when you bash Cadillac, you bash Cadillac owners, if not Cadillac Owners itself.
Playdrv4me said:
My admiration for Cadillacs is only half the reason Im here...
Excuse me? What admiration for Cadillac are you talking about?
You're a German car guy, fine. The STS-V sucks the M5s holy testicles. There's your dislike for Cadillac, where's this admiration?
Playdrv4me said:
I am NOT a fan of GM and I never will be, they make several products that are anywhere from subpar to completely unacceptable in the market they serve.
As far as Cadillac goes, there are a select number of Cadillacs throughout the years that have always appealed to me regardless of what the rest of the brand is doing... classic Eldorados, 92-03 STS, current STS, CTS-V, Escalade etc. But thats as far as my loyalties to Cadillac go. I want to see Cadillac succeed but until things are at the level that I expect in some of the other brands I shop I will make no apologies for not owning one and not necessarily painting a pretty picture about the brand as a whole.
Oh, suddenly someone calls you and your likes out, and there's the admiration for Cadillac, we found it! :rolleyes:
Jesda said:
Its quite different. I dont take it personally nor does it cloud my opinion of Toyota engineering and dependability. Luxury car rivalries tend to be of a more cerebral nature. The rivalry comes from mutual respect. Its tremendously different from Bob and Fred getting piss drunk on a bottle of Thunderbird and rasslin' in the yard.
This is exactly what I'm talking about. An import lover who's rarely seen making a post about Cadillacs at all, and even less common is a pro Cadillac post. And he's saying Ford and Chevy owners are drunk hicks.
See Ben, THIS is why I started this thread.

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1995 ETC, 75 Deville, Cad500 powered 73 Apollo, 94 Mark VIII
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Big ups, mad props, much respect to danbuc, Rick, Randy_W, boombotz, Stoney, Robert, hardrockcamero, Mac, "Chadillac," Kev, iametarq, thu (especially for posting Wagoner's article,) DBA-One, and KDirk. For being a Cadillac fan on a Cadillac forum. I'm glad you're the majority still, just like GM is still the largest automaker in the world, but just like real life the import people are coming.

...and maybe even you, Kevin. Nah, wait, you're the one who can't shut up about how big a piece of crap the Northstar is.

Man it feels good to finally get this off my chest! I guess the fact that I can only rarely make it here anymore made it so that I didn't care if I get virtually crucified calling out the haters.
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