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Do I fix it or sell it?...1994 Northstar Blown Gasket

I have a parts car with a Northstar in it, about 130k. I got what I needed off it, mostly interior stuff, but what to do with the engine now?

Not sure what I can do with it, or even if I need it. I was told it has a blown gasket, but haven't really checked it out. It starts and runs, not a whole lotta smoke...

I saw someone else was looking to sell theirs (I'm in northern NJ). I might want to fix it, or have it fixed, but I might want to sell it to somebody for a few hundred too just to get it out of my driveway.

The N* in my car runs great, so about the only reason I would keep this one is for a spare. Do people keep spare engines laying around the house???

If somebody wants it, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] If someone has suggestions on fixing vs selling, and even if it's worth it, I'm all ears.

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