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FYI, it's not that hard to make your own front license plate mounting bracket using the tow hook mount. I didn't like the looks of any of the available contraptions so I designed and made my own that's custom fitted for CTS-V front ends. All materials were readily available online for less cost than most of the "ugly" retail ones available most places. Attached is a PDF if my design that's angled 10° from square to the front of the vehicle and uses readily available aluminum bar and rod stock, stainless steel M16 x 2 nuts and some elbow grease to bend and drill the bar stock and thread the rod on both ends. Finish applied was first Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black as a primer and then some rattle can semi-gloss black enamel to top it off.
Here's a few photos of the finished product on my 2011 CTS-V wagon...

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