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2017 XTS V Sport Premium
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Just bought a 2017 XTS V Sport Prem lux.
1. The drivers seat is extremely uncomfortable, feels like sitting on a steel frame with no padding in the lower buttocks area. No power seat adjustment has been able to effect the problem.
2. CUE changes itself from Shuffle ON to Shuffle OFF and has to be reset at each engine startup.
3. Auto Defrost blasts away wide-open at engine startup even though Auto Defrost is set to OFF in CUE settings. (this car is stored in a heated garage and never has fog, frost or ice on the windshield)
4. Transmission behaves inconsistently at around town speeds; sometimes in lurches into another gear as if it had waited a second too long before changing gears.
5. The air pressure monitors in each wheel are inaccurate and inconsistent. I used an expensive commercial air gauge device to fill each tire to precisely 36 lbs as recommended. Then I started the car and the tire pressure display in the car showed 1 tire at 35, 1 tire at 36, and 2 tires at 37. I have tried many times but can never get the display to show all 4 tires with the same PSI reading. Unlike my Benz E550, the Cadillac has no method for me to synchronize the monitor settings to account for inherent sensor monitoring accuracy.
These are some things I have discovered after owning the car for only 2 weeks. Pretty sad for a $72000 car.
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