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Disappointed in Passport 9500ix

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Now, granted, it's been quite a few years since I've had a detector, and I really don't need one, I just like gadgets. Anyway, I had to run up to Cottonwood today (1.5 yrs or so) so I bought one of these to test out on my way. AZ highways (I-17 specifically) are somewhat difficult, so didn't know what to expect.
I came up a hill, and MAYBE about 1/4 mi down the other side a LEO was in the median clocking people and I was immediately hit (I wasn't I said, I really don't need one)...HARD. Had I been speeding, he'd have had me, no doubt. I didn't get ANY previous warning, and there were other cars that passed him earlier than I.
Either he simply didn't hit anyone else AT ALL, or this isn't one that works well with hills.
Anyone else have one of these, and if so, what have your experiences been?
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I have a 8500 x50, and I had a similar experience with the hill thing.
Maybe he turned it off & on?
or maybe the radar doesn't work will with hills.

While the 9500 does have the GPS factor, I think I would go with a Valentine (primarily for the arrows) if i could do it again.
i have the 9500 and it works great for me....
even when I ran detectors many years ago, I reeled it in before I crested hills or took any blind curves...nothing stops instant on unless someone gets zapped ahead of you.

the eye detector has saved me for a decade
Yeah, it was definitely instant-on; I knew that right away, but I expected to get some sort of blip from him hitting someone in front of me before I crested the hill. I know hills are difficult for detectors to overcome, but oh well.
I considered the V1 as well, but don't really care if it's coming from behind me or in front; I'll slow down if needed either way. I liked the GPS feature of this one since we have a TON of cameras around here now, and since my drive is so short, I don't always know where they are (and don't always notice the signs warning you of them).
Luckily, I don't actually need one since I drive like an old guy. I may take it back for that reason alone, but I have a couple weeks so we'll see. Not to mention, if you're pulled over w/one, it's pretty much a guaranteed ticket.
Thanks for the input.
I had been thinking of a radar detector but then realized that I don't really speed that much anyway...being an old guy. However, one thing I did note on my recent road trip Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and South Dakota: I drove about 5 mph over the speed limit and almost no one ever passed me! Still there were "customers" at every highway patrol by the side of the road. So you guys with the radar detectors, are you normally driving 10 mph over or way more?
when I had mine, way more...but- I was still driving ricers so 100-135 was a long distance effort hence the need for a detector. Now I "could" attain that in a distance within eyesight. plenty of fun for me!

dont know about you guys, maybe im a puss...but this car makes my heart beat fast and legs shake (sometimes). My imports never gave me that feeling.
Should have gotten a Valentine! Mine has saved my ass too many times to count. Especially in New Jersey, where if you don't speed your more likely to get into an accident than if you don't :bonkers:
If Valentine had a retail outlet somewhere near me (I'm what you could call "impatient"), I probably would have tried that one...prob would have tried both, but from the tests that I read, they're not too far off each other, plus the GPS is a benefit to me down here w/the cameras (and more cameras to come!).
9500 is the best radar detector! I've owned mine for almost a year and it has saved me from at least 5-6 tickets. The camera feature and the fact that it's updatable is a huge plus. The only thing that turned me off about the v1 is that i don't really need to know what direction the radar is coming from because i'm slowing down either way when i hear the the alarm thing go off. But both are the top of the line right now. What i'm contemplating right now is one of those zr4 shifters.
I have the Escort solo s2 cordless that detected about 1.5 miles away...not sure on hills..
I borrowed a Valentine One from a friend of mine years ago for a weekend. It took me two speeding tickets that weekend to realize that the detector is a tool to be used in conjunction with your senses and instinct.

My gf bought me a 9500ix for Christmas. Tickets Aquired since vehicle intergration: 00

that means im wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue.

Speeding while cresting is not a good idea because all these units on the market do not protect against instant on. I slow down to 5mph over when cresting. If I choose to go in hot then i lift up out of my seat a bit so as to see them first...thats the good thing about instant on, the eagle eye prevails...however there is no protection if they are off in the woods somewhere...

similarly, when going around turns I also lift off most the time.

I have significantly reduced my ticket aquistitions over the last few years. I think it has alot to do with the fact that I drive the same roads daily and i know more or less where they hide out. I also pick and choose my moments. There are some areas in my 600mile weekly commute where its outright foolish to speed...except when the weather is bad...if they nail you with anything in the rain/fog all you need a a decent lawyer and the ticket will be dropped. Speed detection units are not to be used in inclement weather as they can read inaccurately due to interference.

I know theres a ticket in my future because I drive fast and I drive alot. Im hoping to move real close to work soon so I can lease an 09 maybe and not have to worry so much...but the 9500ix has been a great tool for me, I highly recommend it.
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V1 here. I love it. I have used many detector in the past, although not the 9500. I had many tickets before and none since the V1. It can be updated as new technology comes to market. When a new rider is with me and it goes off I tell them the direction it's coming from and they eventually forget about it thinking it was a false alarm...until what seems like a whole minute and we see the source.
Get a V1... its not just the arrows but the range is good even over hills and turns... the only defense you have for POP and Lasers is someone in front of you getting tagged... the V1 is great at picking up those quick bursts and has saved me a bunch.
It doesn't matter ANY brand of detector you buy. If they are using instant-on / laser and waiting for the right car, you're busted. It has nothing to do with who built the detector. You came across a LEO who's actually trying to pop speeders vs just sitting there casually running speed. Be it an Escort, Valentine,Cobra or Radio Shack special, all of them would have yielded the same results.

A C.B. Radio might have warned you.
I have had the Same V1 since 2001 and have had ZERO tickets. It has saved my a$$ HUNDREDS of times with plenty of warning. And this is the Older V1! I don't speed around like a madman or anything, but it is a nice precaution, and reminder to check your speed.

A C.B. Radio might have warned you.
I have a CB radio in my 78 trans am and it does work when you wanna know a patrol report. Those truckers really spot them out for ya, but I think i need a radar detector for the V
Before I got the V1, I didn't think the arrows were a big deal. As long as you get the worning, right? But its really great to have them. You don't always see the threat. Its good to know when you've passed it, or where to look. No matter what you have, its still in the cops favor. If he wants you, he'll get you.
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