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Directional Problem - 2005 STS

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Last night, I turned on my left directional and there was no clicking sound, just flashing. So I tried the right and the same thing happened. About 5 minutes later, I signalled again and the clicking noise was back. I can't reproduce the problem consistently. It just does it on its own. The same thing happed this morning. Any ideas?
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Honestly I don't have an idea what the problem could be. I know what a pain in the butt these intermittent problems can be. I had a 2005 Raineer that had an intermittent problem with the blinkers. I would flick the blinkers on every time I passed a Buick dealer to see if I could get it to replicate...never did it near a Buick dealer, eventually the lease term came due, I turned it back over to GMAC and that solved the problem. :(
The turn signal sound is actually reproduced by the radio and comes out of the driver's side speaker. It is not affected by the radio volume setting however. For some reason though the audio must have been muted at that time. I know Bluetooth mutes the audio, but I don't know what else.
i had the same problem on my 02 STS there was a short but oddly only happened twice and problem gone
I wish I could get my blinkers to shut up. They have to be the loudest I've ever heard, and to me on a $50K car, i think that's unaccecptable. They were very loud on my wife's 99STS, and oh her 06STS they are not as loud, but on my 05, the noise is just annoying.
Bikedude, IF you have the Navigation Audio system, try this: Press the CONFIG hard key, then these screen buttons in sequence--Vehicle, Personal Settings, Occupant Information/Chime Volume/Normal. If it's already Normal, try taping some acoustic foam over the driver-side dash-top loudspeaker :<).
I turned off the radio in my 2006 STS 1SG w/ Nav - and still heard the turn signal. Sounds like the little clicker in the can that has been clicking for the past 60 years. :cool2:
I turned off the radio in my 2006 STS 1SG w/ Nav - and still heard the turn signal. Sounds like the little clicker in the can that has been clicking for the past 60 years. :cool2:
Yep, amazing how they can get that same sound electronically. Uses the audio amp for the radio, doesn't matter if the radio is on or off or the radio volume setting for that matter. Cover the driver's front speaker and you will see it's coming from there and not from the little metal or plastic can under the dash like the it use to.
WOW- I had NO idea this was the case. I thought something was wrong on my '06 when I didnt hear the relay a couple times in the last week, but yet it was still flashing!
You can buy a different flasher at most auto parts stores. They come in flavors of: quiet, not so quiet, and loud. You can also replace the flasher by yourself.
My dealer replaced the entire radio/navigation unit.
I have the same problem with intermittent flasher working and not working along with symptoms of a bulb burning out *flashing fast* but all bulbs working.

Anyone have a diagram of where the flasher is? Would love to replace it with a new, ultra quiet one.

For the guys complaining about the noise, when someone posts up the diagram, change it out. My dad had the same problem on a few of his cars, went and bought quiet flashers and now he can't hear them and leaves them on all the time :)
GM said:
With the ignition switch in the RUN position, the turn signal lamps will illuminate when the driver places the turn signal switch in the right or left positions. The instrument panel module (IPM) monitors the signal circuit of the turn signal/multifunction switch. The IPM relays the turn signal switch status to the rear integration module (RIM) via the GMLAN serial data circuit. The RIM uses the status of the turn signal switch to command the turn signals ON and OFF. The RIM controls both front and rear turn signals. The IPM also sends a message via GMLAN to the instrument panel cluster (IPC) to enable the turn signal indicators located in the IPC ON and OFF depending on the position of the turn signal switch. Voltage is supplied to the front and rear turn signals by the RIM. Ground is provided to the front turn signals at G104. The rear turn signals are grounded at G401 and G402. The turn signal/multifunction switch is grounded at G200. The rear turn signal functions are performed by the quarter mounted tail lamps. The rear turn signal lamps consist of red lenses and light emitting diodes (LED) instead of incandescent bulbs.
There is no flasher. This function is completely controlled by the RIM
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