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dimming out all the lights

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How do i dimm the dash lights like i mean i know how to dim them but is it possible to get them to all go out like the message senter and the radio lights and the fetur buttons can i get them to dim all the way or will they only dim but still so you can seem them i like to get it pitch dark if i can
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Can't be done. Designed that way.
Try toggling the DISPL MODE button and see if any of those options come close to what you want.
I think that leaves the green messages on.
I think that leaves the green messages on.
yeah the display mode switch will leave the green message on
wich can eritate my eyes sometime at night
and also not gong to be two good for when at the drivethrew movies becouse will always have that bright light in my eye not good
sometime i just like pitch black on pitch black roads except for the headlights need those LOL

also i was wondering on the steering wheel controls
the HVac controls do not light up does that mean that the blubs where probably burnt out or do they not suposed ot light up ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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