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maybe paranoid but thats what i got you guys for....

I hear a minor whining noise when accelerating but not too loud and i dont seem to hear it when the windows are down, only up???

how does a bad differential sound? how loud? is it a definate theres a problem noise or just one of those bad louder than normal road noises?

please inform me so i know what to look for...
Sound like any of these TSB's?

04-06-05-002 TSB Rattle/Buzz Type Noise From Under Engine Compartment During Acceleration/Deceleration (Replace Catalytic Converter Bracket Assembly) March 10, 2004

03-01-38-019A TSB Underhood Rattle Noise Heard on Acceleration (Check A/C System Performance and Compressor Operation) September 3, 2004

05-06-01-013 TSB Whine, Whistle, Ringing Type Noise Heard From Front of Engine (Replace Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer) May 3, 2005

05-06-02-009 TSB Engine Hoot, Whine, or Whistle Type Noise at 2200-3000 RPM while Driving, Stationary, or Coming from Front of Dash on Acceleration (Replace Water Pump, Including Thermostat) September 16, 2005

05-06-01-013B TSB Whine, Whistle, Ringing Type Noise Heard from Front of Engine (Replace Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer) March 13, 2006

99-04-20-002D TSB Information on Driveline Clunk Noise When Shifting Between PARK and DRIVE, PARK and REVERSE or DRIVE and REVERSE June 8, 2006

06-03-08-008B TSB Squeak/Creak Type Noise From Front of Vehicle When Braking or Turning (Install Front Lower Control Arm Rear Bushing Spacer) December 20, 2006
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