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I just replaced my diff bushing this weekend with the Creative Steel bushing and block. The hard part of the job is removing the old bushing which requires removing all 3 bolts from the differential housing and dropping the exhaust. Unless you fubar the differential CV joint then you have more trouble to deal with.

If this alternate bushing will fit into the old housing so you don't have to remove the old housing, then this changes the job a lot. It may be possible to remove the one bolt, pry the differential down enough to get the old rubber out, leave the metal sleeve in, put in the new rubber, push the differential back up and put the bolt in it. You may be able to do this without even dropping the exhaust if you have thin hands. I can't say for sure because I dropped my exhaust before getting all of the bolts out of the differential. On a good lift with a good variety of tools you might drop the exhaust, drop the driveshaft, chisel out the old bushing and put it all back in about 3 hours. If you don't have to drop the exhaust and driveshaft and remove the old sleeve it would be only half this much time. If you fubar the driveshaft and you don't know my secret for reassembling it you might need another 3 hours. 1.5 hours vs. 6 hours is a big deal. I was beginning to think the better bet would be to pull out the one bolt, drop the differential, and squirt some kind of epoxy putty into the old bushing.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts