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I replaced the bushing in my 2010 STS yesterday using the Energy Suspension 3.2125R and the OP's process.

I decided to do it without dropping the exhaust, I removed the 2 bolts in the back and then the front bushing bolt, lowered the case so it was literally sitting on the exhaust which gives you just enough room to slide the old bushing out and put the new one in, you leave the old metal sleeve in place, the new poly bushing was a very snug fit. Raise the case back in place and bolt it all back together. Since you get 2 sets of bushings per box for $20, I will be replacing the one on the 2007 in the coming weeks.
Pretty easy job and it made a huge difference, that clunking sound is gone but the overall feel is just solid and tight, with no increase in noise heard in the cabin.

Mine didn't look as bad as some I've seen but it sure felt bad


1 - 1 of 45 Posts