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Old thread revival!! Yay! I'd forgotten about wanting to do this, but now it's back on my list :) Be interested to hear any reports back on how it holds up too. I wonder if this would be at all possible with the exhaust system still in place...?

EDIT: Also, I see they have a "black" version that is the same durometer, etc, except it's Graphite Impregnated in order to help self-lubricate (wait a second... can we 'graphite impregnate'... nevermind). Would there be any advantage or disadvantage to this for the application that we're using it in (front diff bushing)?

From their site: How are these two colors different?

The only difference between the red and black parts is that most Black Energy Suspension parts are Graphite Impregnated. This serves to help self lubricate the bushings. The Red parts do not have this characteristic. Aside from the actual color and the lack of being Graphite Impregnated - the red parts are essentially the same as the black.
1 - 3 of 45 Posts