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2006 SRX V8
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I did this on my SRX a few months ago but I used a different bushing. The rear lower control arm bushing for a 74-79 Malibu/El Camino/etc. is a direct fit with no trimming required. I used energy suspension 3.3167G that comes with 2 of the bushings plus two smaller ones. You may be able to buy just one bushing from the company but I happened to have these already so I didn't try. Don't use the metal outer shell.

I didn't drop the exhaust I just unbolted the diff and rotated it enough to remove the old and insert the new. You should disconnect the rubber hangers at the back of the exhaust so it can drop a little. It took hardly any time at all and fixed the problem completely.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts