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This is dedicated the modifications made by Cadillac itself in order to sell their MkIII CTS-Vs around the world - the US/Canada/Mexico follow MVSS standards while the rest of the world follows UNECE standards - ie EU and UN standards.

Cadillac CTS-V Italy 1.jpg
In this photo you will notice that the side mirrors are folded over - the EU version allows me to press the remote control and they fold electrically - really cool especially as Europeans always fold their mirrors back because road space tends to be at a premium

Cadillac CTS-V Italy 2.jpg
In this photo you will notice that the side mirrors are larger than the US version - in my opinion they look more elegant and make the car look more powerful. They also include the amber turn signals. In this photo on the grill you will also notice that there are slots next to both headlamps - yes the European edition has headlamp washers. Not sure why this is not standard in the USA - do we not care whether we can see properly especially in such a powerful car? If you look closely you will also see that the right turn signal is lit up - this is one of the coolest features and I am sorry I did not photograph it also from the rear. So in Europe we frequently park 'flexibly' so car manufacturers give drivers the option to flick the turn signal down (after the engine has been turned off) in the direction that you want to alert other drivers that you are parked. So it lights up one or the other side and cars driving up from behind are more likely to see the car - this one option encapsulates to me all the difference between the driving ethos in Europe vs the USA

Cadillac CTS-V Italy 3.jpg
In this photo you will notice a little black lip over the rear wheelwell. It is strange that Cadillac did not design this in but they did not. UNECE rules require a certain distance between the tire and the edge of panel. Obviously in that little surface the US shape was not sufficient so they had to pad it with the black lip. You will notice it much more obviously if you look at photos of EU and Chinese Escalades - there it is very visible on all four wheel wells

Cadillac CTS-V Italy 4.jpg
In this photo you will notice that the car comes equipped with a rear fog light. Strangely this is one of the most desirable pieces of safety kit that is sadly lacking on US-sold cars! It does not matter how far one can see with front fog lights - what is critical is that the car behind can see you - one of the better ways to avoid those massive interstate pile ups we see every season - perhaps we just don't get heavy fog, snow and rain in the States? Very bizarre

Cadillac CTS-V Italy 5.jpg
And finally the rear taillens assmebly contains the amber turn signal which is required outside of North America. Strangely in the US we have amber turn signals on the front and the side but not the rear - or rather there is no rule - the C7 Corvette has amber turn signals as does the Escalade but not the CTS-V - very random and very strange. You will also notice that this car was ordered without the sunroof because it is too noisy at speeds above 200 km/h - and it also adds weight, reduces headroom and generally detracts from the elegance of one of the most beautiful sedans on the market today
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