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I'm considering taking my car in for the PI(s) that MReiland provided here

#PI0180: Integrated Center Stack Blanks Intermittently on Vehicle Start-Up, Loss of Radio Function/HVAC Controls, Loss of Communication with Radio DTC - (Jul 20, 2010)

#PIC5311: Radio / HVAC Control Inoperative - (Jan 14, 2010)

#PIC5089: Radio And ICS Inop No Audio And Blank Screen (RPO U2R Or U2T) - (Feb 10, 2009

I'm unsure if this will affect the operation of the dvd/nav unlocker.

Curious to know if anyone has had the software update installed with w4me's dvd/nav unlocker already installed? I can pm jess but was checking if someone has already done this.

thanks in advance,

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It will ignore the comms during the update process and will remain intact when done. The programming only flashes the radio not anything else. All modules on the buss have a id number, like $16 or $30 ect.. During a flashing event, the instruction set says what module to listen. Which in the case only the radio will talk. Then it will reset and things are back to normal.

They can put that update on a usb key for you and you can do it yourself if they will allow that. OR send me a usb key and i can set one up for you as well.

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