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While driving my 2005 XLR the DIC displayed the warning Max speed 80 MPH. Then a minute later it displayed accessories mode on then shift to park. The steering became very hard and had to pill to side of road, put it in park then the car shut off. I push the start button and car restarted without a problem. this went on several times before I could get back home. Can someone tell me what is going on?

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Good morning and welcome to CF !!!

Something has failed in either the suspension or powertrain systems. Get the car to a large parts store and ask them to scan it for you - it has a built-in diagnostic code system - most of the car is monitored for faults.

They'll give you a printout of any codes found - use this link to decipher the codes and post it all here.

Codes print out as a letter, 4 digits, maybe a C or H suffix.

P = Powertrain
B = Body
C = Chassis (suspension)
U = power and data

C or H = Current - the problem IS here, or History - the problem WAS here.

........... or ask if one of your gearhead friends has a good aftermarket code scanner. They plug into the OBD port down near the steering column under the dash.
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