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Diagnostic Code -- E98 Need Help !

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This is the code I'm getting while checking the onboard diagnostics on my 1990 Sedan Deville:

E98 - High RPM P/N to D/R in ISC Range

Can someone explain to me what is going on with this code? To the extent of what parts are failing?

Also, accelerating to different speed's such as 0 - 18, 25-35, 35-60 ... the car jerks when changing to these higher speeds.

:helpless: Thanks for any help you guys can give me
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check your tranny. its sometimes called a VCC overstress error. dont change gears until car is totally stopped... check tranny fluid, etc. how many miles? if its over 120,000 you may need a good ol tranny service......

ISC is idle speed controller, thats a lil motor thingy on the throttle body area. it looks like a motor with a metal stick that pops out and in. really basic. easy to replace. less then 100 bucks.
Thanks for the reply. My car has about 103,400 miles and the transmission fluid was low and I'm due for a filter change. I'm taking the car into the shop for a transmission filter/fluid change Thursday morning. Also, I'll place an order with GM for a ISC Motor. Is there any other parts I should look into replacing regarding this E-098 code????? Thanks
DO NOT lett them talk you into a trans flush. Drain and refill only.
agree 100% with ranger. DO NOT FLUSH! its like flushing your tranny down the toilet.. hence the name :) usually E98 is the VCC or isc, isc going out is a little more common. it never hurts to get the VCC checked out. if you were low on fluid, hopefully the correct amount and new filter pack will do the trick. keep up on it if it was low though.... usually signs of a leak, such as transmission cooler lines, etc. they leak after time as there just rubber hoses in some places. just keep an eye on the car, i personally would not worry about it. my 90 fleetwood had the 98 code, i changed the fluids and filter (its for my bro) and the code has never come back. i think its when the engine senses extra strain on the components.... harsh driving, long steep inclines, etc. not entirely sure, just a guess.
I dropped the car off this morning and the mechanic shop called me this afternoon to tell me the transmission fluid was low and "burnt". He said he'll replace the fluid and filter but he doesnt know if that will fix the shifting problem due to the "burnt" fluid. Can anyone give me their advice on this??

Also, I'm replacing the Catalytic Converter as I can hear it "rattling" when I stop the car. On top of this problem the mechanic shop said my alternator is making a "rattling" noise and should be replaced. I just replaced the alternator a few months ago and how can it go bad so soon???
I'm going to order a ISC Motor online today through GMParts. What is the VCC ???

Thanks guys for your help!
VCC = Viscous Converter Clutch (torque converter clutch)
Here is the status of my car troubles:

Transmission fluid was low and needed to be replaced. So I took my car into the shop for transmission service (fluid/filter change). Also, I had the catalytic converter replaced as it was beginning to rattle on the inside. Now all I need is tune-up and the alternator replaced and I'll be good to go for now. The car is running better as it always does when it returns home from the mechanic.

The E--098 code was as kingphil69 posted an "... overstress error" in my case. The transmission service fixed that problem.

Thanks guys for all your advice and help!
awesome. since the pan was dropped on the tranny, for the next few weeks watch the fluid like a hawk! reason - if the pan wasnt 100% seated, it may leak after a few hours, days, or couple hundred miles. usually the heat and cool nature of the on and off will bring out a not completely sealed seal problem. if the fluid was burnt, more reason to keep tabs on it. if it gets dark or burnt again too soon, you may have some issues. alternator id recommend AC delco or BRAND NEW not any other thing thats refurbished.... unless its refurbished by AC delco or BOSCH. just speakin from experience. the alternator prolly makes noise because of bad tension as a weak/worn belt, tensioner springs that lost there strength, worn idler pulleys, etc. or, ya could have gotten a fluke alt. either way glad to hear your rollin again :)

the 1990 is a 4.5 correct? use AC DELCO plugs, wires, etc. it came from the factory with platinum plugs... keep that in mind when changing them. isc is an easy fix... dont forget the easy stuff! like PCV valve, EGR valve cleaning, fuel filter, air filter, etc etc etc... while your changing the plugs and have all the stuff off anyways it never hurts to make sure the pcv valve rattles when you shake it, that the hoses arent cracked, etc. changing the back plugs is an excellent time to check the heater T hoses and all that jazz. EGR valve is held on with two bolts. change that with the correct (and looks EXACTLY the same) part. not the silver aftermarket ones. itll throw your car crazy! and the light may come on as both of mine did. + on the egr valve is cheaper then the aftermarket one! go figure.

if you need anything else, do not hesitate to ask, or even shoot me an email after you post to get me to look at it faster :)
[email protected]

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