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Newly purchased 2000 STS had some error codes so I cleared them all to see if anything new appeared. I know I have to go through the whole cycle for a complete check up but I wanted to know why a few codes still pop up, followed by - "History"; if I cleared all codes, why do these still show up. the codes are:

DDM B1982 - Device power circuit high
IRC U1016 - Loss of class 2 communication with VCM
TTM U1016 - Loss of commincation with PCM

Can anyone shed some light on what these mean, what causeed them and how to clear them?

Also, after running through all the codes I got into a mode that goeas through each system ID, what do these "ID's" mean?

(ex. ABS ID: 4713, AMP ID: 8822, DDM ID: 7822, DIM ID: 7410....)

Many Thanks for your intuition :worship: ....
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