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DFW V Meet tomorrow (5-19-07)

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So i'm not sure who all is going to this show tomorrow, but hopefully we can get a few V's out there. I've never been to this location before, so i'm not sure how parking will be arranged, but it would be nice if we could find a way to park together... any ideas? Who's been here before?
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Sat Image from Google

From what i remember we're trying to be there around 1-2:00. Unless someone else suggests we meet up perhaps down the street at Sonic of Albertsons or something first, i guess we'll just find each other there?

What do you think Whisler?
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I'm living in Keller until the 1st...i think its a 30 min drive for me. I'd make a meeting point but i dont know where anything is.
How about we meet at the Albertsons at 1pm...2800 Flower Mound Rd, Flower Mound, TX
Its a 7 minute (3.33 mile) ride to the show from Albertsons.
I can be there b/t 1-2, but I won't be able to do 1pm sharp. I'll look for you boys in the parking lot when I arrive.
Sounds good Whisler, i'll be there at 1:00
Nice meeting you all, we had a better turn out than i expected!

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Nice to meet you guys (and girl). Here's my contribution. :)

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Nice to meet you guys (and girl). Here's my contribution. :)

I guess the pic of the ticket didn't turn out?
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I guess the pic of the ticket didn't turn out?

Over in the proper thread. :)
So who all was there?
Everyone who posted on the first page, except me, along with G--'s son, and Kmajecki's women.
Enjoyed it boys, let's do it again sometime soon. Thanks for the picts CIWS.
On my way back to Keller I passed a Black V heading to Flower Mound...did anyone intercept him? I was unable to.
We should have the pictures reposted as a new thread "Pics of Dallas V Meet"
I thought about starting a new pic thread too, not sure if it's "allowed". Guess what's the worse that could happen..

I didn't see any other V's on the way home. CTS2NV got me pretty good from a light, i need to learn how to launch! Thank god for the maggie though ;)

Good turn out and no blown rear ends, i'd say it was a successful meet!
Hey DFW guys, anyone of you ever been to the Glass Cactus? Seems like it'd be a great place for another meet some time. Whisler, it's right on Grapevine Lake so it's not too far from Keller. Thursday nights are country night, yes i like Texas country.... Anyways there's plenty to "look" at there. Anyone wanting to head up there some night or weekend just let me know! Would have been a great place to go Sunday after the show.

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Unlikely I could do a weeknight unless I didn't have to work the next day, but weekends should be Ok.
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