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Deville with aftermarket warranty/service contract

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Considering picking up a 70ish thousand mile 1997-98 Deville. Very concerned about potential head gasket issue and potential for tranny failure... Does buying an aftermarket warranty make sense? These guys would cover seals/gaskets even if no internal part failed. Anyone have any experience with them or other firms?
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I would say no. I looked at the site and it looks like only the premium warranty with bumper to bumper would cover head gasket. I have a 98 Deville with 99k and it would cost me a little over $3000 for the warranty with a $100 deductible. Since a head gasket repair that is done right with timeserts and everything would cost in the neighborhood of $3800-4000, I wouldn't pay for the warranty and just assume the risk on my own. I haven't heard of many tranny problems with the deville and head gaskets aren't usually an issue until you have 100-150k on the engine, and then only if it overheats. I would say save your money and keep your info center on coolant temp and if you ever get to 245 degrees F or more pull over, shut off and let it cool awhile. The computer won't tell you that you are overheated until you get to around 260 degrees F. The thing with headgaskets and an aluminum engine is if the aluminum engine overheats there is a good chance that it is already too late. Keep the temp low and you should "never" have a problem.

By the way, mine normally runs in the 195-210 degree F range. Fans don't even kick on until 222 F unless the A/C is on then they automatically come on.
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I have a '99 Concours, bought with 27K mi in absolutely cherry condition. I bought GMPP Major Guard (4/48), but negotiated a good deal for it ($2,000 w/$50 deductible). Since then, I have had to replace radio ($595), rear-right passenger window mechanism failed ($300), and had both tie-rods replaced ($400). I've had almost $1,300 worth of repairs done for $100 out of pocket. I have 2 years and 30K mi left on the warranty. Could something else go wrong? Maybe, maybe not...but I'm covered. My warranty has almost paid for itself... Shop the warranty at different dealers (you will get different prices...the mileage/year of the Caddy determines the final price you pay). In the earlier example regarding the head gasket, you would still be net several hundred dollars ahead, which would cover future deductibles. It's insurance...with a car, you never know.
Pearl of the Nile said:
<snip> I bought GMPP Major Guard (4/48), but negotiated a good deal for it ($2,000 w/$50 deductible)<snip>I've had almost $1,300 worth of repairs done for $100 out of pocket.<snip>
So, you have paid $2000 for the warranty and $100 out of pocket. That is $2100 for $1300 worth of work...that almost proves my point. Put a little of your own money each week into a savings account specifically for car repair. If your car needs repair at a later date you have saved the money, if your car doesn't need the have some good down payment money to go with your trade in when you shop for a new car.
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