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Deville versus DHS versus DTS ride quality

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When looking through the different models, I can't help but wonder how much of a difference in ride quality there is from each other.

I am thinking of trading in my 2000 STS for a 2002-2005 Deville DHS or DTS. The primary reason that I want to switch, is for the better ride quality (i.e. floating rather than zooming, for lack of a better word).

Are there any big issues with getting a pre-2005 deville? I have been looking through here for quite a bit, but I don't see a whole lot, outside of the occasional issue with AC and other random stuff.

Any help provided will be greatly appreciated!
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Sounds like the DHS is what you are looking for. The DTS will ride much like your STS.
That's what I've been thinking lately. I will do some more research on the earlier years of the DHS (02-03) versus a 2005, as the selection is quite limited out here.

Do you (or anyone) have any issues with going with an earlier year as opposed to a 2005? I personally can't find much in terms of improvements, the more I look around.
No improvements that I am aware of. I love my '03.
Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks a lot, Ranger!
I've driven several '00-'03 DHS's and I can say without a doubt they ride much better than my 2000 STS does. The only downside to the smoother ride is the handling suffers a bit... but lets be honest, none of them handle great because of the FWD layout. The Deville's also feel stiffer body wise; i believe GM made improvements to the G-body platform in 2000.
Thanks a lot, guys. I appreciate your input on the subject!
Thanks to your input, I have decided to purchase this car. I put the deal through on Friday. I need to go to the dealership on Monday to sign some paperwork. Once it's registered, it is mine. :)

This thing is beautiful in person. Not a blemish to be seen, and it runs great!
For 2004, heated AND cooled front seats became available, as did heated steering wheel - both really nice options. Unfortunately, I believe 2004 was when adaptive seating was dropped, and only massaging lumbar was available.

Night vision was discontinued on 2005 models in late fall of 2004.

2005 models also got Gen6 digital OnStar with virtual advisor, personal calling, and some other features.

how about a 2003 ish ? maybe with f55 suspension
my 2005 DHS has the heated n cooled seats with auto lumbar. With the seats n the ride quality its the most comfortable car ive ever been in. if u want ride quality definitely go for the DHS
The 2000 - 2004 Deville line never got the F55 option.
I too have an 03 Deville, the ride is smooth as silk even though I have DTS shocks in the back...makes the car a little tighter on turns without sacrificing the ride comfort.
I too have an 03 Deville, the ride is smooth as silk even though I have DTS shocks in the back...makes the car a little tighter on turns without sacrificing the ride comfort.
The original DTS shocks are Continuously Variable Road Sensing Suspension (CVRSS). These have a valve that opens and closes, causing the strut to change firmness and softness on demand. I don't doubt you put them in, but presumably they're unplugged (not from the self leveling compressor, but from the CVRSS processor that is non existent in the Dev/DHS).

In unplugged mode, the CVRSS struts default to full-soft, IIRC. Very expensive mod.
They still might firmer than the base/dhs but probably not much compared to cost.
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