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Ok I am getting worse than an old lady when it comes to driving in even cloudy skies let alone snow. Why I dont know? Maybe my first real FWD car Im used to my old caprice that would go through anything with ease.

Heres the thing I went to get snows on the front of the 02 Impala but my tire place said I should get 4 or it may screw up the traction control or make th rear end slide more on turns. (that damn car hydroplanes on slush and water terrible) So I went with 4 snow tires (non studded)

How true is this with my 97 deville? Should I buy all four or what? I must have bought over 10 pairs of tires this year 1 more is something I would like to avoid if I can. So what should I do on this deville? 4 or 2? Thanks fpr any help.

ps cant remember the particular snow I buy but I will check.
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