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Deville low idle/stalling

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So this is my third deville. Crazy! I always end up with ones that have little annoying issues. Ha, anyways

Past few months the deville was idled up so high as soon as i turned it over the rpms shot up to the 5's. I'd have to throw it in drive quickly.
I literally burned out all 4 rotors and brakes twice in a week. This forum helped me so much, it ended up being the plenum and now she drives wonderful!
Only problem is is now i have a low idle.. sometimes she will stall out on me. I have the 3 infamous ABS, BRAKE, and traction lights on. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I ran the codes as follows...:

B0429 Temperature Control #3 Rear Circuit Range/Performance
B2463 Navigation CD Player - No Disk
C0660 Level Control Exhaust Valve Circuit Malfunction
P0741 TCC System Stuck Off
P1571 Traction Control Torque Request Circuit
P1644 Traction Control Delivered Torque Output Circuit
U1040 Loss of Class 2 Communications with ABS
U1000 Class 2 Communication Malfunction

I suspect these codes have a lot to do with the dash lights that are constantly on, but what about the low idle?

How can i get those lights off and what is the culprit of my low idle?

Any help is appreciated!
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Maybe a year ago when i replaced it. I had originally thought that was the issue with the low and high idle.
Right now the Red BRAKE light is whats causing me to fail the inspection.
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