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Hi Again, I had recently posted a car problem that I was having with my '93 Sedan DeVille concerning hesitation backfiring , loss of power, etc. When I drive the car it ride's ok then all of a sudden it startes to act up for no reason. Everything has been checked and the car checks ok. Everytime I turn on my headlights the car engine starts to miss and idle rough when I turn the lights off the car returns to normal ,whenever I use the lights, fan, electric windows, rear window defogger the car losses power, idles rough, engine's, backfire's. A person I just recently spoke with told me that they have the same car and had the same problem and was told it was bad ground''s he had that fixed and the problem was gone. This person is away for a month on vacation and I cant get in touch with him. My mechanic told me that there are like 35 different ground wires in the car, my question is would anyone know what ground 's this person was talking about? What ground wire could cause this. Thank's Russ
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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