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Deville enthusiasts: Need opinions

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This is my '92 touring. Had it for a while now and getting annoyed with being stared at where ever I drive this. I have been contemplating tints but I don't want to be flagged as a drug dealer. Friends opinions are divided. Wife says no. There is no going back once this is done. I'm getting consensus here and final decision will be based on you guys. If so, what percentage recommended? Thanks

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Ah fellow NY'er! It's nice to meet you. I'm originally from Queens and I can totally see you fitting in like a glove in Howard beach. Black on black...very gangster looking car, quite intimidating. haha


I'm really rolling the dice on this one. I'm usually all for the "do what the hell you want" mentality, but this has me on limbo so I'd thought I'd let the cadillac community decide.
Thank You for the kind words gentlemen, It's nice to meet people who still appreciate old school Cadillacs.

As for being stared know, I have no idea. Ive asked myself the same question. I live close to downtown seattle, which vehicles primarily comprise of european, japanese or tree hugger econo boxes so I'm assuming an older model deville might be a bit ostentatious and attention grabbing? My wife gets stared at when driving it as well , but she says its mostly older men oogling at her. I have a subaru legacy daily driver that always gets me by unnoticed but I've been using the deville more often as the subaru isn't nearly as comfortable in rush hour traffic.
Like the car, dislike the attention. Not getting rid of the car. Catch-22 I know,woe is me. Thanks for your input ranger.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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