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Deville 1995 lights problem

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My brake lights don't turn on at the same time need to move the windshield wipers a little and it turns both on and in side lights don't work right either help please
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RVMAN said:
Trying to figure out if your brake lights don't turn on or they don't turn on at the same time??????? And you need to move the wipers a little and (it) something turns both (?????) on at the same time?????????? and your interior lights don't work right or don't come on at all. I left my magic mind reader at work so you'll have to maybe use more than 30 words to describe 2 or 3 or 4 problems.
it don't turn on at the same time the stick to put the signal left to right and wipers on I just mess with it with a little movement and both brake light turn on if I don't only one turns on and the inside lights are tricky they do turn on but can't explain it but it barely lights up but not bright like it used too and the back lights from the back passengers seats don't turn on no more will really appreciate your help ----------
rodnok01 said:
Well he is Screwed Up.... Sounds like issue with turn signal but cant say I've ever heard of that set of issues.
I am screwed up from my head to my toe hahaha and thanks for your answer but it ain't the signal lights they work good but that's something to do with this read the other last comment I put before this one it might give you another clue
Found that wired disconnected guess that fixes the brake problem


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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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