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2007 Lexus LS460/600h

Hans G. Lehmann</B> / Hidden Image</B>​

New Lexus flagship to debut at Detroit show

Toyota engineers are testing prototypes of the next-generation Lexus LS flagship sedan. The redesigned LS 460, which debuts next fall, will make its formal debut in January at the Detroit show. It gets all-new sheet metal and a revised cabin. It is expected to be powered by a larger engine, a twin-cam 4.6-liter V-8.

The next LS is longer, wider and will ride on larger wheels. To help offset the negatives of the larger size, Lexus also plans to offer a new hybrid variant, which may be called LS 600h.

While the base LS will continue to ride on a rear-wheel-drive platform, Lexus may offer all-wheel drive as an option for the first time. :thumbsup:

-- Paul Lienert

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What choice did they have? After the 430 got bumped down to what, 260hp with readjusting HP ratings? The current LS430 looks like a Deville and an Acura RL had an ugly child. I hope this one is cleaner, sleeker, and more commanding like the original LS.
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