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Detalied differences between LS-9 and LS-A

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I've searched, but maybe my search words are rotten. Has anyone detailed each difference between the two? Thanks all.
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Good man. Thank you. So am I to understand cam and supercharger are it- along with what I consider to be some minor stuff?
Still - not crazy different. I understand so much better, regardless of my propensity to seek it, that a lot of power is available... In other words, it appears that a bunch of doors are open. I'll probably wuss out and just get a little exhaust and cai on... Where I am in life - that is fine - but I love the education...

The main difference - I am surpised about is the bearing caps. Small cost, why? Someone elighten me. It seems easier in the interest of what we call in my business - homogenous parts - to keep them the same. Weird, at least to me....
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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