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Hey guys, I would think that they are so closely related, in way of platform design and implementation, which for the most part, anything you needed to know you could get from us here at Escalade section. You might even try the GMC/Yukon forums, if available and between the two area's, you should come out with some good conclusions.

One thing is for sure; the New Denali and Escalade are both suffering from severe all wheel drive issues. First found in the Denali and now into the Escalade platforms. It really sucks the Escalade and Denali no longer has the luxury of selecting the transfer case range. When I had my 2000 Yukon, I loved being in charge of 4 Wheel Auto, 4 Wheel High, 2 Wheel rear only and 4 Wheel Low…

I think Bob Lutz (GM Big Wig) needs to give a smack to these young fella’s designing the trucks, who seem to think the purchaser wants everything to be Automatic…

Cheers fella’s

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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