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2007 Cadillac DTS Lux II
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Hello, im looking to repaint my dts. I just need a couple of pointers to help me through the process. First off, I will go from the Gold/Champagne color to the Pearl Frost Tri Coat (gm wa567q) that debuted on 2009&2010 dts models. I was recommended to use Scratch Wizard Base Coat I have a link here and then were referred to this Primer by Finish1 here's the link and last but not least this is the Finish1 Clear coat, activator

If you guys have any opinion on the product I plan to use, whether it's better brand products out there that you can recommend. Or any tips on the whole repainting process would be much appreciated. I could use some good Auto Paint shop recommendations I'm located in Charlotte, North Carolina, but any top of the line paint shops along the east coast would do, as I feel like minor travel for ecexcellent results is not a problem. Thanks for your time.

p.s. I posted pics of my dts versus the 2010 dts pearl frost I want to achieve


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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