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dealership took my V for a beat run !

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I mentioned this in another thread, but I didn't want to hijack it so I thought I'd start another here.

First time I took my V to the dealer (for a blown horn), I got the car back after 3 days. My average MPG usually sits around 20 or so and when I got it back it was reading less than 10, not to mention they used over a quarter tank of gas. I figured they let one of those drueling little lot boys take it for an unsupervised joy ride, but I had no proof. :annoyed:

A few weeks ago, I took the car to the dealer for a second time (horns blew again, they think it was a stuck relay). This time I had my guard up. When I pulled into the service bay, three lot boys (high-school looking kids) froze like deer in headlights, just staring at the V. Obviously, there was going to be a chest beating contest to see which of them would get to drive the thing out of the bay. Hmmm.....:bomb:

I took the service manager aside and told him what I thought happened. He said the average MPG and my empty gas tank could easily be explained becuase when cars are at the dealership, they spend extended periods of time running the engine at idle. (huh??, for a blown horn??) I also mentioned the wrecking crew out in the service area, and he insisted that the kids aren't allowed to take the cars off the lot, especially the V cars. :halo:

So.......... just to be sure, I turned on tracking before I left the dealership. Sure enough, when I got the car back, the average MPG was back down to around 11 or so, and Tracking said they'd been all over town. What's worse is I could tell from the sheer distance between the little "eggs" that the system drops on the road, that they were running in excess of 90mph on some of the residential backroads in 30mph zones.:rant2:
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Imagine what would happen if they crashed or hurt someone (can you say hit and run).... You coudl be liable or at least have some legal problems proving it wasnt you...

I would drop the car off with a hidden camera...

trust no one...

I have heard that some valets like to go for a ride to.:want:

Complain to the service manager and show them the proof. :rant2:

Did you write down the mileage?
Most service areas write down the mileage when received just for these type of problems.

That sucks.

I have heard that the worst thing that can happen is that you go to the dealer to pick up your car and you find it sitting on a flatbed.:eek: :eek: :eek:
I was a lot boy!

I can confirm the fact that I personally drove any car I wanted at any speed I desired (exotic car dealership). On one occasion myself and another lot boy took two brand spanking new MBZ 500SELs out for a burn out contest! Or how about backwards over a (rounded) curb siding through ice plant in a new Carrera Cab? One guy put a Ferrari backwards through a chain link fence while doing donuts on a soccer field! One smashed 645csi Turbo while enjoying Bat turns (E Brake rides). 170MPH+ runs on the Santa Monica Freeway at midnight. The list goes on and on and on and on and on...

Young, dumb and stupid teenagers? Yes!

That was a great job!
OK, that tears it. Koop: you're never driving my car.

DrivingAmerican - six words: Stealth tune, valet mode, keylock switch.
Its not always the teenagers...

I dropped off my V and my SRX for airbag recalls. I keep track of the mileage anytime I drop it off.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the mechanic had to drive the V to verify the fix so they put 11 miles on it on their test "loop" around the neighborhood. But, apparently, he didn't have to verify it on the SRX because it had the same mileage as when I dropped it off.

The service advisor came up with some excuses about test driving vehicles after certain fixes, but of course he couldn't explain how one vehicle needed a test drive and one did not. Bottom line is that the mechanic played in the V and had no reason to play with the SRX.

The service advisor now writes "do not test drive" anytime I go in. But, still a bit disappointing that the service advisor wouldn't take it upon himself to keep on eye on someone's car when dropped off. He shouldn't have been grabbing for excuses to me, he should have been screaming at a mechanic somewhere for putting him in that spot.
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I had the same problem happen at my dealer also. I took it in to have the rear looked at, first they told me they changed the rear, I come to find out they switched the half shafts, as soon as I got on the jighway and in 6th th whine started. I checked the milage to what it was when I dropped it off- 20 miles added on. I was not happy. I don't valet at all. I try not to take it to parking lots in the city (but where the hell are they gonna go with it?)
urbanski said:
did you show the tracking to the GM?
Actually, I had picked the car up right around closing time, and I didn't check the Tracking results until I got home.

So far I've been happy with this dealer because they've been very open and willing regarding mods. They've even offered to do all the modding for me. When I asked about the weak rear end, they said something like, "ya, well they're a known weak spot, if it goes, we'll just slap another one in there for you".

There's part of me that wants to run in and slap them around, but there's another part of me that thinks I'd rather keep them on my side for waranty issues et al. I'll definately discuss it with them, but I'm going to keep it light. Next time the car goes in, I intend to let them know I've turned on Tracking and noted the odometer reading.

When I actually decide to mod the car though, Stealth's "chick switch" sounds like a great idea. :hide:

BTW: I laughed out loud when I read about the r-casino's SRX sitting in the corner while his V went upstairs with the John for a "bang". :eek:
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I wonder if your mods would have been an issue if lot boy blew your motor.
That's one of the reasons that James wants me to work on the V's and the XLRs. He knows I am not going to go goof off in them.

Depending on the problem I do idle it a lot, but only if it's something like a Check engine light or something that requires the engine to be warmed up. Sometimes it helps to get the heater blowing hot if you have intermittent electrical problems with electronics in the car so that can happen too.
If I work on an XLR I fold the top down, if the trunk is empty, because I am a tall guy and I have really hurt my neck several times getting in and out of Y cars. (I used to work on Vettes) Some owners seem perplexed until I explain it to them. They have a tendency to think I am "playing" but I assure them that I am not. (although it is fun to watch heads turn when that top folds into the trunk)
We record the mileage when you drop it off and I always write the mileage on the ticket when I am done with the car (mileage in and mileage out).
I don't have to tell you that when you want something like a trans looked at or a rear end checked, you might see some pretty high miles added on. Especially if it's something intermittent.

For reasons I won't go into, we are only allowed to drive in certain areas around the dealership. Some of you might see small loops around the neighborhood by the dealership if you have your tracking turned on. I rarely even take a V out on the open highway. There's too much traffic around here anyway.

Your situation is pretty frustrating. I have customers that seek me out specifically and I don't have a problem keeping an extra eye on your car while it's at the dealership. We only allow a few people to move the cars besides the techs anyway and most of them have no interest in hot rodding around town. I rarely even let my helper move the cars because I don't want him to be tempted!

I would take your concerns to the Service manager and if they are not addressed to your satisfaction, go to the General Manager.
Don't ask for heads to roll unless it keeps happening, just make sure it's addressed.
Good luck. If you like the place, give them a chance to make it right.
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Don't forget to reset the average vehicle speed also the next time you enable the tracking. :sneaky:
You can also call OnStar and have them run a "tracking report". They can tell you where the car has been. I don't know if they know how fast, but it's worth an ask.
My V is at Arnold Palmer Cadillac in charlotte, NC. They are finishing up the rear end job with a new drive shaft. I'm going to swing by and take a look at the progress and check the tracking. I have one of their loaded 05 escalades as a loaner. If I find anything...well..eye for an eye I say..
I'd complain to the service manager, then find a new dealer. Write down the mileage on a piece of paper. Make sure you do this right in front of the service writer. Last few times I did this, they didn't put any "test drive" miles on the car.

Which Arnold Palmer Cadillac? The one on Indepenence Rd?

Shoot me an email if you get a chance. I would like to talk about your experiences with them: [email protected]
I'm impressed you're so relaxed about this.....I would be furious!
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