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Dealerrank- changes in store

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Now that I am done with updating the registry I am going to fix dealerrank (if its not one thing its another)...

I wanted some opinions on what information would be helpful in selecting a dealer to have your car serviced at. here are the current list of questions/ rankings I am planning to put up:

1. How would you rhank your dealer overall: 1-10
2. How was the customer service (were they nice, mean, care about your problem, try to help, show genuine interest, etc): 1-10
3. How was their knowledge of the V? (did they not even know the V existed, the service manager owns one, etc) 1-10
4. How were they with offering updates on the status of your repair (from didnt ever call me to called me after every bolt) 1-10
5. How was the accuracy of the repair (from I went back the next day 'cause they never touched the car to never had a problem again) 1-10
6. How was the timeliness of the repair (from they never touched the car while it was at the dealer for 4 days to they had it done that day!):1-10
7. Were they mod friendly (voided my warranty to replaced my rear with a SC on it): All mods/Not at all/Minor mods only/Depends

I will gather the normal dealer information (name, address, etc) as well as whether they have a body shop or not and who the service writer was.

What other pieces of information would be helpful for you? What makes sense.. I want some opinions BEFORE I build this out.. I think this would be helpful for us (in case our dealer screws us over) and for new members as well..

I will transpose all of the existing data to the new format as best as I can when the time comes (so the previous version is not wasted!)


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Boy, all that sounds good. I really cant think of anything else. I think you got it all covered.

My dealership takes me to work after I drop it off....and picks me up at work then I drive it home. I guess that would be under customer service, right?
Ok heres my take on the Cinci Caddy Dealer/Service.
Camargo Cadillac (where i got mine)

$hitty purchase experience.The finance Mngr was like hey i dont need your biz, the salesman did'nt know squat about the v and they would'nt knock off a cent. (July 04 purchase of an 05 maybe had something to do with that) But i was like hey just let me get my car out of here and heck with these guys

So purchase experience 1 to 10 i give 2-3

Service Dept.
The servic mngr is a good guy but he's a tight ass.He's not very knowledged on V and its probs.And will more then likely decline a wrrenty rather then approve.Far as techs i had a hard time finding a tech who i could trust there.But there is a young brilliant tech who is one step away from becoming "world class" certified who works directly with the shop forman.So for all my minor warrenty & tsb stuff Camargo is where i go but for big warrenty items such as tranny,diff etc i go to Chesrown.The 100 or so mile run is worth it to be tooken care of properly.

Service Dept experience 1 to 10 i give a 5

and thats my 2cents
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Looks like you got it covered Reed. I can't think of anything else.

A couple of thoughts for your survey:
1. What, if any, exceptional ammenities did they offer? By that I don't mean coffee, I mean things like a free rental car - my dealer has so far. Something you would not expect from Chevy.
2. Did they follow up to confirm your satisifaction? Did they mean it?
My dealer has called to confirm on 3 occasions, I wasn't happy for two of'em. He said he'd have "so and so" call me - never did....pure B.S. - I hate that - don't patronize me and sure as hell don't waste my time.
3. Oh yeah - do they wash your car? Mine does so I have to make sure to tell them not to touch it because they will F it up. It's good to know if they do that before you use a new dealer (so you can prevent it).
4. Did they perform a cursory inspection of your vehicle while it was in for service? Free of charge that is.
Any smart business person can see how that's a win/win for both the customer and the dealer. It says a great deal about their commitment.

....Or not....feel free to not include any of the above.
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steve the point was not to post those experiences here, but on the dealerrank (when i finish updating it- give me a few weeks)....

Good suggestions.. I like the car wash the most... that question comes down to how did they treat your car which I think is a better way to state it. So I will add:

How did they treat your car 1-10 (from it was dirty as crap/huge dent in the side, to freshly waxed/ better than I dropped it off)

I am trying to keep it as short as possible (while relevant).. no one likes to fill out the really long survey...

Thanks for the suggestions guys.. keep 'em coming...

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How about which V techs OWN A V! (mine does).
There's a dealer rank? :rolleyes:
sorry bout that reed :banghead:
im a little :cookoo: anyways lol
no problem at all.. save the comments though cause I am going to want them when i get the "new" site up....

its going to be great because there will be lots of advanced features to help people decide about dealers.... It will also sum up everyone's complaints...

stay tuned.

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